Undergraduate Teaching/Supervision


Masters Students

  1. Lara Albrecht (University of Bern, 2021-Present)

Honours Students (Australian equivalent of Masters)

  1. Ashika Jagdish (University of New South Wales, 2020)

Bachelor of Science Student Projects

  1. Ella Raymond (Bachelors Research Project, University of Bern, 2021-2022)
  2. Johanna Hehl (Bachelors Research Project, University of Bern, 2021-2022)

Undergraduate Teaching

2017 – 2020: UNSW, School of Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences

2019: Demonstrator (specifically report marking): second year Australian Climate and Vegetation (GEOS2711)

2018: Guest Lecturer for second year Australian Climate and Vegetation (GEOS2711)

2017-2019: Lab demonstrator and supervisor for first year biology (BIOS1101)

2017-2019: Demonstrator for third year plant ecology field course (BIOS3061)

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