In the media

My research in the media

My three minute thesis presentation was aired on ABC Radio National’s The Science Show presented by Robyn Williams. You can here it here:

It is also available to view on youtube!


My research was featured by two fantastic scientists and communicators (@PurpleNeety  and @plyon_act) who came along to a poster I gave at the Ecological Society of Australia’s conference. They wrote an amazing song about it and performed it in the science meets art symposium at the conference!

Other media:

Featured in online article by the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, 16 August 2019, Botanic Scientists in Sydney battle climate change,

Featured in media release, 8 April 2019, Native plants are taking back their homes, Ecological Society of Australia Media Releases,

Featured on UNSW Science’s instagram story, talking about my research and the plant ecology research facilities at UNSW:

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